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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Poster Boy

This is my favourite picture of Jamie as a baby. 

A few years after it was taken, we had it blown up to a poster size and we gave it to the special needs nursery that Jamie had started attending. A few weeks later we were told that the nursery had received a couple of complaints about the poster from other parents.  It seems these parents thought it was insensitive of the nursery to put up posters of beautiful, nomal, healthy babies, when the parents were struggling with disabled children of their own.  

Apparently when the parents were told that the picture was of one of their regulars, who had Down's Syndrome, the complaints were quietly withdrawn.


Jamie used to enjoy having a bath, but for some reason he went off it when he was aged about five or six.  At first he used to protest by splashing around in the water, making a mess, and getting told off.  Eventually though he came up with an easier solution - he flushed the bathplug down the toilet.  He also flushed the replacement bathplug down the toilet. 

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