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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Worst Day

"Did you know he had Down's Syndrome before he was born?"

That's the first question that 80% of people ask us*. Perhaps they are curious as to whether or not we considered having a termination - that is, they want to know whether or not we had "chosen" the lifestyle. Or perhaps they just like to imagine the moment we found out, and want to get the details of the mental image just right.  Either way, they are nosey buggers who should not ask such personal questions.

Since it does seem to be a subject that interests people though, I have decided to tell you about it.  I have mentioned before that I want this blog to be a bit of fun - a celebration of our chaotic lives - but unfortunately this one is not going to be a fun story.  Let's get it out of the way quickly shall we?  The day they told me my son had Downs Syndrome was the worst day of my life, and even now, years later, the memory is not pleasant.  Stick with it though, and I will try and slip in something funny at the end. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

S & M

S & M - that's us - Steve and Meg.

If you have come to this page because you saw the title "S&M" and were expecting to read details of our interest in kinky sex, you are going to be disappointed (or possibly relieved).  I am sorry to have to tell you that we are not into sadism, or, for that matter,  masochism.  The closest we have ever come to either was the time that, during an amorous exchange, a cup of hot coffee fell from a hi-fi speaker next to the bed, dampening the mood somewhat, as well as causing mild scalding.  This incident did not create an interest in the juxtaposition of pain and pleasure, it just created a few blisters, and a stain on the mattress.

I suppose we could have called ourselves M&S, but here in the UK there is a well-know department store with that name already.  It is usually associated with middle-aged women's underwear - is that something we want to be associated with?  No.

S&M it is then.

An Englishman living in a small town in the South West UK.
A financial mathematician by profession, but not as boring as you might presume.

Steve's beautiful wife.
A nurse, currently working part time at a local school, but hoping one day to train as a midwife. 

Look!  There we are!  I'm not going to lie to you, it's an old photo.  It was taken BC.  Just look at how slim and good looking we both are.  Look at the air of confidence about us, the confidence that the future holds nothing but good things for us.  Ha!  Smug fools!  It serves you right.

Our son Jamie was born two years later, with Downs Syndrome.  He's adorable.  We love him dearly, but there have been, shall we say, difficulties.  Many difficulties.

We have decided to write this blog as a form of therapy more than anything else.  We are not really expecting many people to read it, but if they do, that's fine too.

We think there are enough websites and self help books out there that offer advice on coping mechanisms and how to claim benefits.  We're not a support group.  We're just ... oh, I don't know ... why not?